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thReader - FAQ

What is this?

The thReader bot (@thReader#5855) scrapes all posts from the #threadventures forum channel on the MSPFA Discord server.
It enables you to track your progress reading them, have a nicer UI reading them, and even read them without joining the server.

What is the difference between Loving, Watching, and Hiding?

Loved threads appear at the top of your list. Incomplete loved threads appear in their own category, so you can catch up.
Watched threads are ones you're just keeping an eye on. They appear above others, but all of your watched threads are grouped together.
Hidden threads appear below all others. You can't fully hide them, but "hiding" them marks them as something you're not interested in.

How can I contribute to threads or make my own?

MSPFA Discord

Source code?

Not at the moment, sorry. :(

Who made this?